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2018-09-12 17:45:40

Hello everyone !

In this news, you will find the next features of the website. Some will be available as time goes by, however most of our update will be in November

Here is the list of what you will find in this news:


  • ⚫ Homepage
  • ⚫ Store
  • ⚫ Optimization


  • ⚫ Reviews
  • ⚫ Partner Program

1 - Development

A - Homepage

As you can see for now the homepage look like that:

About the homepage, it will be completely rework to be more intuitive and provide you more content. For example, the last three news, the latest discounts as well as images of our controllers with quick links to the shop, etc …

B - Store

For now you have noticed that the store currently has only 2 controllers. While you can normally buy parts for your controllers separately. For now this is not available officially in the shop, it will be added in the November update since we will have to close the shop the time of the establishment.

Also the images of the shop will be less heavy since we will add a compression system so that you can display them more quickly.

However, if you want to replace parts, please contact Yuan.

C - Optimization

For the moment the website isn’t stable and final version (current version 0.1.0) which means that the whole site is not 100% optimized, it contains the essential features in order to operate correctly. However we are aware that there are still optimization problems, whether on the size of the images, on the loading of the pages.

If you notice any other problems, please let us know. (a detailed report is advisable)

2 - Community

A - Reviews

As you can see here, we have a review page that allow customer to tell us what they think about our product.

We wish to be able to complete this pages, If you have one or already play with, could you send a private message in the following format:

Your username: |
What controller did you have or try: |
Explain your opinion: |

Your opinions will be posted publicly, if you do not agree please specify.

These comments will be used as marketing material and submitting a comment confirms that you agree to allow the comment to be used in marketing

Send your reviews in Private Message to Chikahide#0009 or yuan0312#7539 on discord. (Facebook and Twitter are also possible)

B - Partner Program

More information about partner program are available on the original page where you can also see our partner list.

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Good day / evening to you!

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